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Dan Haffey
Director of Prevention Services,
Butte-Silverbow Health Department
Butte, MT
(406) 497-5073

Dan Haffey is currently the Director of Prevention Services with the Silver Bow County  Health Dept a position that he has held for fourteen years. He is a teacher and licensed addiction counselor with over 25 yrs in the field. Dan is married to his wife Amiee and between them they have 7 children and two grandchildren. He was born and raised in Anaconda is proud to be a native.

His counseling and prevention work began in 1985 where he ran therapy groups at Montana State Prison. The education gave him the insight to realize that substance abuse is a major problem in Montana. Corrections by way of substance abuse is in dire need of an overhaul. Prevention and treatment need to become a priority.

Dan works with a prevention team in Butte that has been proactive in looking at ways to not only change the culture of Butte but all of Montana. Changes in current DUI and MIP laws as well as long term sustainability for prevention and treatment will change the course of Montana and the dismal statistics we have regarding DUI fatalities and youth suicide and crime. Serving on the Board of Crime Control Council has given Dan a newfound hope that collaboration by all prevention entities in Montana is the key to a better and safer Montana.

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